Emerson's First Pumpkin

This is going to sound silly, but one of the things I dreamed about when we were overseas was carving pumpkins. To me it's just one of those must do Halloween activities! When we were in Africa, we couldn't get a pumpkin so we substituted a watermelon. It actually worked pretty well but it still wasn't the same!

Then when we were in Abu Dhabi, the pumpkins were insanely expensive because they were imported from America. I'm talking $65 for a regular carving pumpkin. As much as I wanted E to experience the fun of pumpkin carving last year, I just wasn't going to spend that kind of money! 

So, of course, I have been counting down to the month of October since we arrived back in the States. I just couldn't wait for Emerson to have all of these fun Halloween experiences that weren't possible overseas. I knew that she would love pumpkin carving and she certainly did! She was so excited when I brought the pumpkin home and she loved picking out the design. She told us it was a happy pumpkin!

She hates being dirty so she really did not like touching the guts at all! But she did enjoy helping Jesse do the carving and she was thrilled with the end result.

It's so exciting to think that I'll have two sweet girls to carve pumpkins with next Halloween!

Rebekah said...

That is too cute! I can't believe how expensive a pumpkin is overseas!

Mandy said...

Oh my goodness look at how cute her little pumpkin turned out!!! Love the pics of her and Jesse! And I love that she wore a shirt to tell everyone how cool I am. ;) I can't believe you'll have 2 precious girls this time next year!!!

Natalie said...

We just got one to do with Nolan he doesn't like dirty hand either lol!

ajs {of MN} said...

too cute! i think we exchanged comments about this on IG but avrie was so excited about pumpkins, but did not want any of the guts on or near her- she is a little neat freak! ;)

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