Halloween Activity Day 5: Attend a Halloween Festival/ Costume Party

Ok, I know this isn't something that you can do any day but it's what we did today so I'm counting it as one of our 31 activities. Our neighborhood had a little Halloween party/festival so we decided it would be a great way to spend the afternoon as a family. 

I woke Emerson up from her nap and got her dressed up. Her costume isn't ready yet so she wore a witch costume that we borrowed from our neighbor. She was SO excited to be dressed up as a "nice witch." (I think if we didn't have access to a Halloween party, Emerson would be just as happy playing dress up and wearing her costume at home. I think it's a good alternative if you're looking for an easy, at-home activity.)

I plan on sharing more pictures from the party on Monday, but here are a few for now. Isn't she just the cutest witch you have ever seen?

Check back Monday for more pictures!

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