Halloween Activity Day 7: Fall Shape Sort

Halloween or Fall themed shapes to sort (table scatters, erasers,etc)
sorting trays (we used a veggie tray and ice cube tray)
 This was another awesome find from the Target Dollar Spot. These little jewels are actually supposed to be used as table decorations but I knew Emerson would love them the moment she saw them. (These obviously wouldn't work for a younger toddler and I won't even leave E alone with these. She doesn't typically put stuff in her mouth but it's always better to be on the safe side.)

When I gave the boxes to Emerson she immediately dumped them out and called the pieces her treasures. She was even more excited than I thought she would be. At first she just wanted to play with them. She moved them back and forth from one tray to another and put them in groups.
 After playing for a while, I encouraged to try sorting them by shape. We've tried sorting activities in the past and she really hasn't been interested. When I first started placing the pieces in the tray she still seemed disinterested. She finally put one of the little pumpkins in the correct slot and I praised her and told her how proud I was. That was all it took. She went through and sorted the rest of the pieces within a few minutes.

I started this activity with Emerson around 5:30 and she was still going strong with it by bedtime at 7:30. We made letters out of them, pretended it was food for her dolls, tried patterns, and a little bit of counting. She loved them so much and was so upset when we had to put them away for bed. I love when the simplest little things offer so many possibilities and keep her happy and occupied! This activity was a definite win!

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