Road Trip

I'm behind on all things blogging this week, but I promise I have a good reason. Emerson has been begging us for weeks to go to Mimi's house. At first we just laughed and thought it was really sweet but then we actually started to consider making the trip down. For the past three years we've lived halfway around the world and a spontaneous trip to Texas was not even an option. But now that we are in California, it's actually feasible to plan a last minute trip. So, that's exactly what we did!

On Thursday morning we packed up the car, loaded up Emerson and set out on the 1000 mile trip to Texas. We only stopped a few times throughout the 14 hour trip but Emerson did surprisingly well. We drove through most of the night and she slept some but she woke up when we were about 30 minutes away. That was probably the roughest part of the trip. She was so ready to get out of her carseat and she just cried and cried until we made it. It was around 3:30 a.m. by that time and we were all pretty exhausted. But it was definitely worth it!

Emerson has been so, so excited to be with her grandparents and we have loved being home. I think this is probably the first time since we were married that we have been in Texas in the fall. I think being within driving distance of home is one of the best parts about living in California.

I haven't taken a lot of pictures since we've been here, but here are a few:
This is blurry, but I still love it. Emerson began utilizing the doggy door immediately. She and the dogs have spent many hours out in the backyard. After seeing how happy she is out there, Jesse and I are even more convinced that we need a backyard and a dog for our sweet girl.
Mimi made broccoli cheese soup and Emerson wasn't a fan at all. Haha! :)
This little suitcase is full of Barbie's from the '60's. It also has tons of Barbie clothes handmade by my Grandmother. Emerson has played with them for hours.

And, since I failed to to do a 25 week bump update last week, here's a little peak at the growing belly, from a different point of view.
We're going to be in Texas for a while so my posting may be a bit sporadic, but I'm slowly catching up with my Halloween crafts posts and I'll definitely be doing a 26 weeks(!) bump date on Wednesday.

Happy Monday, friends!

Jessica @ Better Together and Forever said...

Oh how fun! So glad you, Jesse, and Emerson are visiting with family!! :)

Mallorie said...

Oh how wonderful!!! :-) That sounds SO fun! And I LOVE that belly shot!! Baby girl is a growin'!

Mandy said...

Have so much fun visiting with your parents and love your sweet belly shot!! I seriously cannot believe you'll be 26 weeks tomorrow!! Oh and so sweet that E is getting to play with your mom's old Barbie dolls!!

Tiffany said...

Awww,I hope that you are having so much fun visiting family. I just can not get over how cute Emerson always is. And your bump is adorable! I look forward to seeing them! But you are with family, posting can wait! :-)

Rebekah said...

Have fun visiting family! It must be so nice to be able to pack up and just go now that you're relatively closer!

Mateya said...

So fun...enjoy your time in TX!!!

Natalie said...

So glad you got to visit your family and had a great time!

ajs {of MN} said...

i love that E was asking to go and you actually went!! i hope/know you all had a blast, i am sure!

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