Toddler Halloween Activity Day 2: Foam Shape Memory Game

Today's activity is  DIY Halloween themed memory game using simple foam shapes.

Larger foam pumpkins
Smaller Halloween themed shapes

I bought both from the Dollar Spot at Target.  If you don't have foam shapes you could also use card stock with printed pictures. I think the foam shapes added a little interest to the activity and Emerson was pretty excited when she saw them. 

To prepare the game I chose 4 different shapes and their match. Since the ones I bought were self-stick, I was able to stick them right to the back of the pumpkins.

Emerson has played memory type games on the iPad before but I knew she didn't really understand how to play. I started by only putting out 4 pumpkins (2 matching shapes each) and demonstrating how to turn the pumpkins over to find a match.

After we did that for a while, I added 2 new shapes at a time until all 8 pumpkins were part of the game.

Once she seemed to understand how the game worked, I asked her if I could play with her. We tried taking turns to find matches. This was hard for her because she had gotten used to continually turning the pumpkins over until she found a match.

Later, the three of us played a few games. She did pretty well at waiting for her turn and she was always thrilled when she found a match.

Overall, I think this game was more on the difficult side for Emerson. She understand that the purpose was to find the match but it took quite a bit of practice to get her to turn the pumpkins back over when she didn't find a match. I could tell that the more we played the better she understood so I can say for sure that we will get a lot of use out of this over the next month. It's easy to pull out quickly and I like that it teaches some simple skills!

And, as usual, Emerson found some other uses for our pumpkin shapes. She enjoyed lining them up and even played her own version of hopscotch with them.

I can say for sure that this was completely worth the two bucks I spent for the materials and I love any activity that requires less than 5 minutes to prepare!

Mandy said...

Love it!! AE hasn't done too well with matching games in the past b/c she seems to get too "in a hurry" while I'm trying to teach her. But like you said, they could get plenty of practice over the next month. And I'm all for quick preparation too! Did you see my comment about wanting to steal this 31 days thing and do some with AE? :) You're so crafty!!

Jessica @ Better Together and Forever said...

That's so cute! I love her pumpkin jammies too, great outfit for a great game! :)

Mateya said...

How fun!

Melissa @ i carry your heart said...

This is so great! I love that it's a simplified version of the traditional memory game...perfect for a 2 year old!

ajs {of MN} said...

Ummmm cutest jammies EVER!!!

Emily Powell said...

So cute! I need to try this! G LOVES LOVES LOVES when things match!

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