Toddler Halloween Activity Day 3: Mystery Shapes Watercolor

Today's activity was one that I used to do when I taught preschool a lifetime ago. I'm glad I remember it because Emerson loved it!  

White paper
white crayon
Halloween shapes to trace (I used cookie cutters)

trace or draw shapes on paper with white crayon 
(I did one page with the cookie cutter shapes and one with the letter P and pumpkins. I also put her name because I knew she would love seeing it appear.

This was her reaction when I asked her what she saw:

  The first finished product:

And project #2:

I would rate this activity as a success! Even after we painted these two pictures, she wanted to continue painting.  Our painting session lasted at least 45 minutes. I learned that I definitely prefer watercolors over other paint because it is so much easier to clean up and just less messy overall. I will say that Emerson didn't seem all that impressed with the shapes appearing and was more interested in just painting.  She loved it when her name appeared and was pretty excited about the first pumpkin but other than that she probably would have been just as happy without any special shapes. I think an older child would probably appreciate the mystery shapes a bit more, but I'm still happy that we did it because Emerson had a blast! The watercolors will definitely be coming out more at our house!

cait said...

Oh we so love watercolors!! Adeline goes crazy over them! Cute idea with tracing the cookie cutters- will have to add that idea to our mystery drawing we do. Adeline has loved that one too in the past! :)

Michelle said...

Such a cute activity!! I think we'll try this today!!

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