Toddler Halloween Activity Day 4: Mix and Match Pumpkin Faces

Since today was a pretty busy day I needed an activity that was quick and easy. I pulled out one of the cute printables I had prepped earlier this week: Mix and Match Pumpkin Faces

-Pumpkin Face printable found here at Mama Miss
-laminator and laminating sheets (I have this laminator and these sheets. I decided to buy these about a month and a half ago when I started getting more serious about making activities for Emerson. I knew if I wanted them to last that this would be the easiest way.

-roll of adhesive magnet (I got mine in the craft section at Wal-Mart)

-Print and laminate the printable
-Cut out pumpkins and put small magnets on the back of each piece

- Stick the pieces to a cookie sheet or the fridge

To get started I put all of the pumpkins together just so Emerson could see what they looked like. Then I spread them apart and let her go to work.  She did this activity while I made dinner. She loves to be in the kitchen with me while I'm cooking so it was the perfect thing to keep her busy.

She loved arranging them in different shapes and didn't necessarily care about putting the tops and bottoms together. I honestly think she enjoyed moving them around the fridge more than actually making the pumpkin faces and that was totally fine by me!

I really like that this will be an activity that we will be able to use again and again throughout the month. These pumpkins will have permanent place on our fridge for a while!

Mandy said...

Another cute Halloween activity!! :) You are such an awesome mommy to do these kinds of things with Emerson!

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