Baby Gear Wants

One of the big benefits of having another girl is that we already have pretty much everything we need when it comes to baby gear. We are reusing Emerson's crib and we already have a carseat, pack n'play, and pretty much all of the other essentials. That being said, that doesn't keep me from wanting for a few new things too. Some of these are actually useful things that would be a big help, but others are just splurges that would be nice to have. At this point, I don't know if I'll end up buying any of these things but it sure is fun to look!

Catie said...

I got a Stevie diaper bag when I was pregnant with my first. I used it for both my kids. I thought I'd get a new one for my baby on the way, but I just couldn't find another one I liked. The Stevie was a great bag. It is lightweight which is really nice. Just wanted you to know it's a good choice! I also had a swing like the one you picked and liked it too!

Allison said...

We have the city select and the city mini! You will NOT be disappointed if you end up buying it. Their customer service is out of this world as well. :D

Kelsey said...

I am in the same boat as you with # 2. I'd love a new diaper bag/over sized pocket book. And I really want that stroller! I'm definitely getting the baby k'tan I have heard great things about it!

April said...

Oh girl! Let me break it down for you.

-You must get a video monitor with your 2nd. It's great that I can put Haley in her swing in her room and go do stuff with Jonah while she naps and I can see her. It's been a life-saver!

-You need a nice swing that will lay back and cradle them. My Mom has that exact one in your picture and it's very quiet and has great sounds. Haley sleeps up to 2 hours in that thing.

-If you don't have Amazon Prime you just need to get it. Formula and diapers right to your door in 2 days and no having to lug both kids out just to go get those necessities. We use it all the time.

-We got a sit-n-stand (used) and love that as well. Our carrier fits right on it and Jonah loves that he can just get on and sit down. It's been great!

-We also have a great sound machine that works wonders at blocking out the sounds in the house with a toddler and cleaning, etc while the baby naps.

-I would also say you need really good swaddle blankets. Either the Aidan & Anias ones or the Halo sleep sacks. Haley won't sleep unless she is swaddles and sleeps longer when she is. They are worth it in case you have a baby that needs to be swaddled too. She is 3 months old and we're still swaddling.

-You also need to get one of those Carseat Canopy's for your carrier for this winter. Google that and you can also find free codes to get them for free and you just pay shipping. We love ours.

That's about it...obviously I could do my own post on what all I consider a necessity. LOL

Ande Malinowski said...

DEFINATLY get that monogrammed blanket!! It will be such a wonderful keepsake!! With that being said, get a baby carrier. The baby k'tan is nice for smaller babies and newborns, but I LOVE using an ERGO. If you get an ergo, you need to use a newborn insert for the first couple of months, but after that it can be used into toddler hood. But do not get a forward facing carrier because it is bad for baby's spine and positioning. Think of it as being in a harness to go rock climbing all the time. And front carrying is just not good for babies in general. Also something you need to consider is to get a carrier that will cover baby's bum and hips so that they are in a seated position. It's important to do this because as a baby, your hips and bones are still connecting and growing, so if one is placed in a certain position it can cause hip displasia.

Sarah C. said...

I just love reading through lists like these! :) We have the Uppababy Vista which converts into a double stroller, so we've got that one covered (although I've thought about selling it and getting the BJ city select because the second seat is better on it). We have that video monitor and LOVE it! I'm drooling over that leather diaper bag. A swing is on my MUST have list for the next baby... we didn't have one with Judah and always regretted it because he was so happy and fell fast asleep when he tried out a friend's swing. I also want to get the Baby K'tan for when the next one is teeny tiny - it looks like such an easy way to quickly carry a newborn and have hands free for the toddler. I have a Maya ring sling, and have LOVED it... also have the Boba 3G and Boba Air (they're like the Ergo) and I just love them. I have a babywearing addiction! I'm lucky my 21 month old still likes to be worn :)

Lyndsey said...

I just ordered a new nursing cover and I'm so excited about it! It's an infinity scarf that doubles as a full nursing cover. One thing I've learned the second time around is if you want to keep up your lifestyle and schedule you had with your toddler, you will have to get comfortable nursing in public more often. I never did it much with Liam bc we could just go home, but if I don't want him to miss activities or play dates, it has to happen! The cover I had came apart a lot so I'm really looking forward to this one being all one piece! And I have the K'tan and love it!

Michelle said...

You will LOVE the city select. I am so glad we splurged on it. And the motorola video monitor is pretty good. I kind of fell like the battery dies pretty fast, but maybe I just stare at my kids on it too much :) I also loved my moby and couldn't live without my ergo. That thing is amazing. I gave up nursing with a cover-it was way too hot this summer hahaha. If you get a convertible car seat just remember that it is reccommended to rear face for at least 2 years so get one that has a high height and weight capacity for rear facing :)

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