More Randoms

I have been really bad about taking pictures lately but I have a few things I want to be sure and document here so please forgive this somewhat random and almost pictureless post!

-On Halloween we bought Emerson a new twin sized bed. We knew we were going to use her crib for Adelyn so we figured it was time to go ahead and get it out of her room and moved to the nursery. Let me tell you- I wish we would have done it months ago. E went from getting up around 6:00 every morning to sleeping until between 8:30 and 9:00. I've even had to go and wake her up some mornings! I guess she just needed a bigger, comfier bed. I haven't taken any pictures but I will soon!

-We got the nursery painted this weekend! Jesse is such a trooper! Even though he is still on crutches he still helped paint the room. He would either balance on one leg or sit down on the ground while also doing the trim or rolling. I know it was twice as much work for him as it would be normally so I especially appreciate it. 
We also put big sister to work. She didn't like it one bit! :)

-I have a vision in mind for the nursery (thanks to Pinterest) and now I'm just working on finding the little pieces that I need to make it come to life.  It's been kind of like a treasure hunt and it's fun every time I find something that will work!

-Speaking of Jesse's leg, tomorrow is the big day! Jesse is having a second surgery to have the two large screws removed. We've been told that it's a minor surgery and shouldn't be nearly as painful as the first one. Once his incisions heal he should be on the road to walking without crutches! To say that is has been a super long process just doesn't even do it justice. We are so ready for him to be back on two feet again!

-I will be 30 weeks tomorrow! I completely missed doing a bumpdate last week but I'll do my best to get one up tomorrow. I can definitely tell that baby girl is growing!

I think that's about it for today! If you could spare a prayer for Jesse's surgery and recovery tomorrow we would greatly appreciate it!
April said...

Can't wait to see the nursery! Will be praying for him and you all!

~Dawn~ said...

What a cute little helper!! Is she wearing yoga pants?? ADORABLE!!

And best of luck to Jesse tomorrow with his surgery - I'll be thinking of him (and you!!).

Mandy said...

Can't wait to see what you're doing with her nursery! I know it's going to be beautiful. I'm already praying that all goes well tomorrow for Jesse's surgery and that it's a quick and easy recovery. Tell him we're thinking about him!

Jessica @ Better Together and Forever said...

The nursery is going to turn out great just like Emerson's did! :) Cant wait to see the final project. Also sending lots of prayers to Jesse for a speedy recovery!

Catie said...

Just said a prayer for Jesse's surgery!

Emily Powell said...

Does Emerson have on baby yoga pants?!?!

Allison said...

Sending prayers your way. I am sure it will be a huge sigh of relief when he is able to use both legs. :) Emerson looks SO big in those pictures. Such a cutie.

Paula Lynch said...

Our little future decorator. She is adorable painting. Praying for quick recovery for Jesse.

Mateya said...

Can't wait to see the nursery! Prayers for Jesse's surgery tomorrow!

Beth Ann said...

That is awesome about E and her big bed!!!

Can't wait to see the finished nursery!

Prayers for Jesse's surgery.

ajs {of MN} said...

hoping for a great surgery!

aaron and i are talking about switching avrie to a big girl bed very soon!

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