Creating New Traditions

Our last two Christmases with Emerson have been awesome but I have to say that this year has been the best one yet. She is just so excited about everything and seeing it all through her eyes has been just amazing. She is beyond thrilled with all of the decorations and gets so excited just seeing a few lights around the neighborhood. It's been so much fun watching her take in all of the magic. Knowing that this is our last Christmas with just her, I've really been wanting to make it extra special. We're going lighter on gifts this year just because we don't have a lot of room and she already has SO MUCH STUFF.  In exchange, we're trying to give her more experiences and create new traditions.

One new thing we started this year was the Elf on the Shelf. I know there is tons of debate out there and you either love it or hate it. Personally, I think it's pretty cute and harmless fun. We introduced our elf by watching the movie. Once we finished the movie we heard our doorbell ring and there was a special visitor waiting for Emerson on the porch.

She was promptly named Cupcake and given a special spot up in the Christmas tree.

The next morning, she left a special North Pole breakfast for Emerson. 

 E has loved finding her throughout the house each day and we've made sure that she is a sweet elf and she doesn't do naughty things. I don't think our girls needs any ideas! :)

I think this is one of those fun traditions that you can make simple or you can go all out. Either way I can say that it is completely worth it. Cupcake is the first thing Emerson asks about each morning.

Another new tradition we started is making a Gingerbread house. I wanted to do one last year but gathering the ingredients in Abu Dhabi wasn't the easiest task. This year I just bought one of the kits from Target. You can't get any easier than that. Jesse put it together and Emerson helped decorate (in between tastes of candy.) 

She refused to smile for me but I promise she loved it!
There are so many other activities I was hoping to do this year but the truth is this momma is moving slow these days and time is quickly running out!!  That being said, I consider these must dos and hope to squeeze them in before Christmas:

-drive around and look at Christmas lights
-go see Santa
-make Christmas cookies
-make salt dough ornaments
-do at least one Christmas craft
-visit the zoo for Jungle Bells (if I can muster up the energy!)

It looks like we better get going! How is Christmas already next week!?!

Brooklyn Jolley said...

I think Elf on a Shelf can be so cute and fun, just like you're making it :)

Sarah said...

So much fun. I think we'll introduce the Elf next year perhaps. Love all your traditions! So fun!

Paula Lynch said...

I know Emerson is having so much fun with Cupcake . So many fun traditions. Looks like they did a great job on the Gingerbread house.

Emily Powell said...

I don't dislike the elf at all. I am just a perfectionist and am having to tell myself I just can't do it all! Have fun with it!

Amanda said...

Love creating family traditions! I agree, this year is so much fun seeing them get excited about everything!

Mandy said...

One of my most favorite things about Christmas is all of the sweet traditions you can do start/do with your family! Love Elf on the Shelf. Jackson has one named Tinsel and Ann Elise has one named Holly. :) I'm planning on doing a post about our traditions too this week. Love the pics of her and Jesse making the gingerbread house! Next year you'll have 2 sweet girls to do these fun things with!!

Dawn said...

Such fun traditions! We do the elf on the shelf with our girls, too - they LOVE it!! Ours is a bit more mischevious, tho! ;)

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