Pre-Christmas Fun

In the days leading up to Christmas we spent our time:

Eating Cake Pops

Making Salt Dough Ornaments

Baking and Decorating Yummy Treats

Christmas PJ parties at gymnastics

movie dates

Eating pancakes during shopping breaks


and performing at church:
(yes, this is how E spent most of the performance. She was much too busy looking around and checking everything out to sing much. It was hilarious and so her.)

Everything Christmas related has been ten times better this year! Emerson has been so excited about it all and her complete joy over the simplest things has definitely been contagious. December has definitely been a fun month!

Sarah said...

Love her little voice and that she didn't participate in her holiday concert- Aubrey was the exact same way!

Mandy said...

Oh my goodness she looks JUST LIKE YOU in that 4th picture!! It's like looking at what you looked like when you were 2 1/2! :) Looks like you guys have had such a fun month! Perfect way to spend the last month as a family of 3!

ajs {of MN} said...

contagious is the PERFECT word, it was SO that around here too! i love that she is such a little helper!

did she like frozen?

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