Santa! I Know Him!

Since Emerson spent her last two Christmases in the Middle East, she didn't really get the full Santa experience. She did get to meet Santa a few times, but he was quite untraditional to put it mildly. Remember this Santa from her first Christmas?
The one she was last year was a little bit more believable but still not quite right.
She also saw Santa at the embassy Christmas parties but she wasn't a fan. So taking her to see Santa was a must for me this year. We decided to go on a week day to cut down on the wait and I'm glad we did. There was pretty much no one there and Emerson was beyond excited.

When it was her turn she ran right over to Santa and told him what she wants: a purple dress! She keeps saying she doesn't want any toys, she just wants a purple dress. Santa's got it easy this year! 
He told her he might bring her a few other things from his workshop as well and he made her day by giving her a candy cane.
After our visit with Santa we walked around the mall and looked at all of the decorations. This girl is obsessed with Christmas decorations so she probably enjoyed this part as much as she did seeing Santa.

I thought that was the extent of our Santa visits this year but she was in for a nice treat on Saturday! A local classic car club brought Santa to our neighborhood, along with all of the neat cars. We made our way down to see him and learned that he was also handing out toys to all of the kids. I was touched that they were doing something so sweet for military families!

 Emerson once again told Santa that she wants a purple dress! This time she added in that she wants a pink umbrella as well!
She picked a Barbie from the gift pile and couldn't wait to get home to open her!
After both visits Emerson kept telling me that she wasn't scared when saw Santa. Perhaps she remembers her first few years? ;) Either way, it's been so much fun watching her experience all things Christmas this year!

Sarah said...

Aww! Too cute! She's just so stinkin' adorable!

ajs {of MN} said...

she look so big in that last photo! so fun! Avrie really got into Christmas this year too, SO SO FUN!

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