Scenes from Christmas 2013

 All Emerson kept asking for this year was a purple dress and a pink umbrella. I don't think Santa could have gotten off any easier. Luckily, Santa knew that she loves dress up and hit up the after Halloween clearance sales to stock up on costumes. He was also able to make a simple dress up station using a craft crate and a few pieces of wood. It's the perfect size for Emerson's small room and it will hopefully help keep all of her new dress up clothes and accessories in one place.

We were all so excited to see her reaction on Christmas morning!!
 And the first thing she went for was the umbrella! Kids are so funny!

 And then the dress up fun began.
 Even momma got in on the action with a beautiful crown.
There were several costume changes throughout the day, but the two purple dresses were by far the most popular.

I did most of the shopping but Jesse picked out two special presents on Christmas Eve.  It was a pair of dress up shoes that light up and a little princess jewelry set with a crown, necklace, and clip on earrings. They turned out the be some of her favorites.

 She loved checking herself out!

The dress up stuff was definitely the most popular, but E got a lot of other fun stuff too. I really tried to get her toys and games that we could do together. I don't think she was quite as excited about some of them when she opened them but I know she will be when we sit down to play them together. She also got a Cinderella baby doll, clothes, adorable pjs, and a couple of princess toys. Needless to say, we are well stocked in the toy and game department now. 

We went over to one of Jesse's Marine's house for lunch and we had a great time. There were several other couples there and quite a few kids for Emerson to play with. They also had a dog that she was completely obsessed with.  We know for sure what to get Emerson when we move into a place that allows pets. Unfortunately I really failed at the picture taking while we were there. This is pretty much all I got:
 We also failed to get a family picture! I'm bummed but at least we were able to take a few with our girl. We were all so tired by the time we got home that night that this was pretty much the best we could do.

The next morning Emerson slept until almost 10:00! That is completely unheard of for her so we knew she was exhausted. But once she was up, it was back to dressing up! I'm so happy that she's going to get so much use out of her gifts from Santa.

We spent most of the day playing with her new toys, cleaning up and organizing, and just relaxing.
December just flew by this year and it's hard to believe that Christmas is already over. Usually I'm kind of sad to see it go but this year we have so much to look forward to in the coming weeks! Now I'm ready to get the Christmas stuff put away and to finish getting ready for this baby girl!! I don't think really Emerson realizes it, but she is about to get the best (belated) Christmas present of all!!
Emily Powell said...

Such a good idea that you stocked up after halloween. I would have never thought about that!

Amanda said...

Love all of the dress-up clothes! We are in full dress-up mode over here too! I love how excited they get!

Paula Lynch said...

She is going to have so much fun with all of her dress up clothes ...she is so sweet with all of her jewels and crown. Counting the days until I get to see y'all!

~Dawn~ said...

Yeessss! So much fun!! She has the most fantastic dress-up wardrobe!!

J and A said...

She is adorable. I love her dress up stand!! So cute.

Lyndsey said...

What a fun christmas morning!! I am going to have to steal that dress up stand idea - brilliant!

ajs {of MN} said...

What a wonderful Christmas, Tami!! Emerson is just darling!

I have talked about that idea of yours to stock up on Halloween clearance for dress-up. Avrie is starting to really get into dressing up and the princess stuff, so i will try this out next year! :) you always have the best ideas.

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