One Little Word

For the last several years I have looked forward to the New Year. I  love the fresh start and the idea of setting goals for the year. There's just something so fun about writing out a list of things you want to accomplish. But I've noticed as I go back and look at my  lists each year that I usually only accomplish a few things. I don't know if it's because I include too many goals or because things change so much over the course of the year. Either way, I've decided that setting year long goals just isn't for me in 2014. Instead I've decided to join in on the One Little Word challenge. 

My word for 2014 is:

I chose bloom this year because I want to "bloom where I'm planted." I've noticed for the last several years that I am constantly looking ahead as to what's next. I think it started right before we went on the MSG program. I just couldn't wait to find out where we were going. Once we did, I was so anxious to get there. Not long after we arrived in Africa I was already thinking about our next post and how soon we could get out of there. Once we made it to Abu Dhabi I was sure that I would be content. After all it's a well developed country with plenty to see and do. But it wasn't long before I was counting down until the time we left.

I just knew that life in California would be exactly what we had been waiting for. And for the first months I absolutely loved it. I finally felt at home again after three long years. But then I started getting homesick for North Carolina and our home. I thought about how nice it would be to live in our own house again. I dreamed of all of the space and the big backyard. At that point I knew a move to North Carolina was quite a ways off so I started focusing on just moving to a different house here in SoCal. While I do like our townhouse, I longed for a single level home with a backyard.  I checked Craigslist and real estate sites daily- looking for the perfect little house that fit within our budget.

And then a few weeks ago Jesse and I were talking about the impracticality of moving right now. I'm 9 months pregnant, he's still learning to walk, and we will have a newborn in just a few weeks. Not to mention the cost of moving! The more we talked about it, the more we realized the perks of staying just where we are for as long as possible.

That's when I realized how terrible I have been about focusing so much on the "untils" instead of on how great life is right now. Now don't get me wrong. I haven't been walking around feeling depressed or anything like that. I am fully aware of how blessed we truly are. But I have said "I can't wait until...." more times that I can count.

So that's what led me to choose the word bloom. I am making it my mission this year to embrace my life exactly where I am right now. To flourish and grow in this season, in this place and to allow God to use me as I am, where I am.

To go along with my word, I'm focusing on this Bible verse:

So what does it mean to me to "bloom?" I'm sure the definition will change over the course of the year but for now here are a few things that come to mind:

-to be content in our current season of life
-to count my blessings intend of my "have-nots"
-to relish in every moment, big and small
-to find my God given gifts and use them for His glory
-to become more invested in relationships/friendships and take time to nurture them
-to put God first in all that I do and grow in my relationship with Him
-to be the best wife and mother that I can be
-to become more involved in our church and find ways to serve
-to get out and and explore and take in all that our city has to offer

I'll try to update throughout the year as I work on honoring my word. I am so excited about 2014. We have so many wonderful things to look forward to and so many blessings to celebrate! And just in case you were wondering, I won't be abandoning goal setting completely. I'm much too list-oriented to do that. I plan on sharing short term goals at the beginning of each month. I'm hoping that this new approach will help me accomplish great things this year!!

Are you choosing a word for 2014? 

~Dawn~ said...

What a perfect word!! :) You have an exciting year ahead!

B. said...

I could benefit from this as well. Sometimes I focus on the "I can't wait until.." a little too much instead of just focusing on the right now in my face. Happy New Year!

Paula Lynch said...

What a wonderful post. Looking forward to seeing you bloom. Enjoy these years with Enerson and Adelyn. They will pass so fast.

Mandy said...

I love this post! I am so excited to see how you bloom this year and soak in every precious moment you have! I don't know about you, but I feel like God has big plans for you and me as well this year sweet friend. So thankful to have you to "walk" through these seasons of change with...even if it is across country. ;)

Michelle said...

Great word! I'm choosing a word for the year too, and mine is focus! Good luck :)

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