Recent Family Fun

Jesse has had some extra days off recently and we've used the time to do some fun family activities. One thing we've been wanting to do is take Emerson bowling.  We decided to head to a nearby outlet mall that also has a bowling alley. I knew Emerson would love it because of the fountains, greenery, and animal statues.

After we checked out the fountains we headed into the bowling alley. My favorite part was seeing Emerson in the little bowling shoes. Too stinking cute!

In the beginning Emerson had a hard time waiting for her turn but she eventually got the hang of it. She loved carrying the ball herself and pushing it down the ramp. Once she let go of the ball she didn't care too much about how many pins she knocked down. She was just ready to do it again. She did pretty well but we had our usual moments of testing her limits. At one point she started running right towards the lane. I yelled at her to stop but it was too late. Once she crossed the black line she hit the oil and her feet flew out from under her. She hit her head pretty hard but was fine after a few minutes. After that she was more interested in the air blowing than the actual bowling. We bowled about 8 frames and decided that was plenty with a toddler.

Later that day Adelyn stayed home with Jesse while I took Emerson to the playground. We decided to make the rounds to 4 different playgrounds in the neighborhood. 

And the fun didn't end there! Our neighbor found a recipe to make giant bubbles. Needless to say, the kiddos loved it!

We've also been to Chick Fil A a few times in the last few weeks. It's one of our favorite spots these days!

And, as usual, church was on the agenda. I thought E looked so cute this week but she wasn't really into the mini photo session. (What else is new?) :)

We did bribe her into getting a few family pictures after church. They're kind of blurry but they're definitely better than nothing!

I still love seeing four people in our family pictures! It's so amazing to me!

Jessica @ Better Together and Forever said...

Her Sunday outfit is soooo cute!! Glad you all are having a great time! :)

Emily said...

I love that you guys took E bowling-that sounds like so much fun. I can't wait to take Lilly! :) The bowling shoes are too cute too! Can't believe how big A is looking already!

Emily Powell said...

I almost bought that same yellow and gray dress for G the other day. So cute!

Sarah said...

I've always wanted to take Aubrey bowling! I am glad Emerson was able to bowl 8 games! That's a lot!

Paula Lynch said...

Emerson is a bowler. That is too cute. Her little dresses are so cute. I love seeing your family of 4 also.

Mandy said...

She looked adorable in her little gray and yellow dress at church!! I bought the same one for Ann Elise when I bought their pink and purple chevron one! :) I love your pics with all FOUR of you in them too!

Tiffany said...

It looks like it was such a great couple of days! Can I tell you how jealous I am of your weather?!

ajs {of MN} said...

i have to look into those giant bubbles, that would be a HUGE hit over here this summer!

we have just a couple of chik-fil-a's here and i always wena to try one!!

we had fun bowling with Avrie last spring too, she loved watching the ball go down the lane. i can't believe that was already almost a YEAR ago!!

J and A said...

So much fun! She is so cute bowling!!

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