A Busy, Blessed Weekend

How about a little weekend recap? There are some weekends that we don't do a single thing and then there are others that are just busy, busy! This was one of the latter! :)


We headed out the door bright and early to tour a nearby preschool for Emerson. I had originally planned on waiting until the fall but we haven't been getting out as much since Adelyn was born and she's getting a little stir-crazy at home. As much as I'd like to teach her myself, I think she will benefit from a structured environment even more. She'll be going two mornings a week starting in two weeks.  It's a Christian preschool and they are NAEYC accredited, which is a must for me because I know how rigorous the accreditation process is.
During the visit her teacher let her sit down and make a ladybug craft. She was so excited and couldn't wait to show it off when we got home. I'm going to miss her during those mornings but I know she is going to love every second of it. I'm sure Adelyn and I will enjoy some one one time as well.
  Since we were all dressed and looking decent, we decided a few selfies were in order. :)

Later that afternoon we went to swim with E's friend Kinsley. The girls ended up spending most of the time playing in the mud. 
They did finally run through the sprinkler a few times, though.They're both becoming little California girls.


Emerson is obsessed with hammocks so Jesse hung this one up between the stairs and the door. Emerson calls it her nest and we hung out in it for a while.

That afternoon we had a birthday party to attend so we headed to Target to pick out a gift.  I usually make Emerson ride in the basket but we had plenty of time so I let her walk around. She spent some time arranging the car air fresheners and smelling candles. 

The birthday party was in our friend's beautiful backyard so Emerson had a blast running around and playing. When I looked back at the pictures from the day I just couldn't believe how big she looks. When did my baby girl get so big?

After the birthday party it was time for another selfie- this time Daddy was included but Adelyn was sleeping and missed the fun.
We ordered pizza that night and E went to bed early since she missed her nap.

E has been telling me that her Sunday school teacher told her to bring her Bible to church so she was adamant about bringing it this week. She was so proud carrying it in.
And Adelyn was happy to be there too, I promise!

After church we stopped by Walgreen so I could grab a few things. I was pleasantly surprised to see that the Easter bunny was there and they were offering free pictures. Of course I had to go get the kiddos and bring them in.

We attended a housewarming party for some friends from our community group. It was lovely but this was the only picture I got:

The highlight of our weekend was a church event called As Yourself. The intent behind it was for us to get out and bless others as we have been blessed. We all donated money anonymously and then split it up among our groups. We were told to go out into the community and find a way to bless someone. We ended up going to Target and buying gift cards. Jesse and I headed over to the baby aisle and found two different couples to give them to. The girl that I approached seemed shocked and got teary-eyed. When she asked me for a hug, I wanted to cry too. It was a really neat experience and I hope we get to do it again soon! We are SO blessed to be part of such an amazing church. 
(Photo credit to my friend, Jamie. I hope you don't mind that I borrowed this. I think it's such an awesome representation of our church community!)

As you can probably guess, we were all pretty worn out by the time we got home. It was a busy, but very blessed weekend. With just one more to go until Jesse has surgery and is back on crutches, we are trying to make the most of every second. 

I hope your weekend was blessed as well!!
Natalie said...

A and E are getting so big!!!

Katie said...

Your girls are just so adorable!! {BTW - I sent you an Facebook request to be in our military spouse blogger group - did you get it!?}

Emily said...

Both girls are getting so big, where does the time go? They are always so cute, best dressed babies (and toddler!)!

Ashley said...

Those girls are just beautiful!! And what a great idea to bless someone else!

ajs {of MN} said...

avrie is started a preschool in the am as well three days a week- but not until the fall. keep us updated on how e likes it!

Mandy said...

I am so happy that you guys have found such an amazing church family that you are happy with!! I love the idea that you guys did of giving back to others!! What a blessing. And preschool??!! NOOO not yet!! But I know that she will love it and it will give you some great one on one time with Adelyn. Our girls are growing up. And I'll be praying that Jesse's surgery goes well again and that he recovers quickly so he can get back to at least where he is now in his recovery. Wish I were closer to help out.

Rebekah said...

I bet Emerson loves going to school! Your church sounds so awesome-what a neat thing to do! It really is so simple to bless others in small ways. Adelyn is getting too big! I cannot get over her cheeks :)

Tiffany said...

This does look like it was such a busy, but fun weekend. I think that what you all did as a church is amazing! I have a problem with being busy and wanting to document it later, but then I realize that I never took any pictures.

Megan said...

Sounds like y'all had a great weekend! The event at your church is such an incredible idea! I hope the people that you all blessed carried on the favor/blessing to others as well. Hope you have another great weekend ahead!

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