Getting Fit and Helping Others

As y'all know, health and fitness is a big part of my life. I don't get around to posting about it too often, but I'm very driven when it comes to my fitness goals. Right now I'm on a journey to lose these last few pounds of baby weight and to get back into my pre pregnancy jeans. I've been participating in various challenges and a couple of Facebook groups and it has been so motivating. I am nowhere near where I want to be but I think it's important to be honest and share what the journey is really like. I didn't walk out of the hospital with a flat tummy and the weight is not "falling off" from breastfeeding. I'm working hard to lose a pound at a time but it is slowly and surely coming off.

A few weeks ago I made the decision to start Focus T25. I'm currently on my third week and I'm loving it so far. I mean who doesn't want to get their workout done in 25 minutes!?! I also love having a set program to follow. It keeps me motivated and I feel like I've accomplished something each day when I'm able to put a check in the box for that day's workout.

Along with my decision to start T25, I also committed to another adventure, if you will. I have officially become a Beachbody coach.  What does this mean? Well basically I am here to help you reach your health and fitness goals. If you have questions about any Beachbody products or programs, I'm your girl. I want to be honest and tell y'all that after being approached about coaching, I spent a full week praying/thinking about it. The last thing I want is for my friends and family to feel like I am trying to sell them stuff. In the end I felt like my passion for health and fitness could really help others, even if it just means that they have someone to talk to about their goals. If I never make a dime, I'm ok with that. But if this means I can help one person lose that baby weight or fit back into their skinny jeans, then how could I say no?

Now, don't worry. This blog is not going to turn into an advertisement. I promise! But I will continue to share my fitness journey, just as I have always done. If you ever have any questions about any of the workouts I mention, don't hesitate to contact me through email or Facebook.

I'll also be posting my T25 progress this Saturday. I feel like I may have lost a few pound/inches but the true test will come after I finish out this 3rd week.

In the meantime, would you be willing to like my brand new fitness Facebook page? Just click the banner below and you'll be able to follow along. I'll be sharing recipes, workouts, and my own progress as I work my way back into my pre-pregnancy jeans. :)

Thank you all for your support as I start this little adventure! Regardless of how it plays out, I know that I am putting my all into my own health and fitness! There is no better investment that you can make!

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Megan said...

That's so great! Congratulations! It's inspiring to follow your journey- thank you for sharing so openly. I may need your coaching in maybe 7-8 months... :-)

Samantha said...

How exciting! I'd love to chat with you about fitness goals sometime! I'm always on the look out for people to help keep me accountable! Your fitness journey has been amazing to follow along with... so inspirational!

Mandy said...

So proud of you sweet friend!! You are such an inspiration and I'm glad that I can come to you (when have I not when it comes to fitness stuff? lol)!

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