So Much/ Not So Much

Happy Thursday, Friends! Right now BOTH of my children are sleeping. Can I get an amen for dual naps!?! ;) Since I have a minute, I thought I'd pop in and do a fun little post about what I'm loving SO much and what I'm not too thrilled about (not so much.) Shall we begin?

I'm loving SO much:

-This precious baby girl. All you have to do is look at her and she will flash the biggest grin. Seriously. I can't get enough of her.

And my big girl, too. She has grown up SO much over the last few months. Her smile lights up the room and she has the funniest personality. 

-I bought new curtains for our living room and I think they make a big difference. I have some other changes I want to make and then I'll share pictures. I wish I had unlimited funds to buy whatever I want but we're still going strong with sticking to our budget so I guess I'll just have to do a little bit at a time. :)

-T25. I love that it's only 25 minutes and that it shows a countdown for each move. You can do anything for 25 minutes, right?

-Suits is back on. We watch quite a few shows but Suits is definitely one of my favorites.

-All of the yummy food we've been making. I mentioned that we have started eating clean and cutting out processed food. It's quite a bit more work but we have really enjoyed it. You can check out some of the recipes tried on my Pinterest board.  I'll also be doing that post I promised soon.

-Coffee. Enough said. :)

Not So Much:

-Jesse had a root canal last Friday and now it's abscessed. He is in extreme pain and nothing they have done is helping. Poor guy just can't win! :(

-He also has an appointment today to find out when his next surgery will be. I can't tell y'all how much we are dreading it. He has just finally gotten to where he can walk around without pain and this will be a big setback. Prayers are definitely appreciated!

-My mom will be having a full knee replacement next month. I hate that I can't be there to help her out. If you have a moment, I'd appreciate prayers for her too!

-Emerson's stubborn streak. Oh, how I love that girl but she is surely giving me a few new grey hairs every day. I know that her feisty spirit will lead her to do great things in the future but it sure can test my patience now.

-My skin. It has seriously gone crazy this week and I look like a teenager just hitting puberty. I'm sure it's probably hormonal but it's driving me crazy and makeup can only do so much.

-Time. It's flying by way, way too quickly. I pray that I when look back on these years I'll know that I spent it wisely because it's something you just can't get back.

Catie said...

I'll be praying for your husband- poor guy!! My face is awful too! I got scarring from this last pregnancy acne, so I think I'm going to have to visit the dr :( My 3 yr old is giving me gray hairs too

April said...

So sorry about Jesse's teeth! No fun! As we near the end of the terrible awful 3's, I can say that probably E is just getting started in them. They are/were rough! They are both pernicious though!

April said...

Meant to say precious!

Jessica @ Better Together and Forever said...

I watch Suits too!! I'm nervous about the next episode...sad! LOL! Lots of prayers going up for Jesse and your mom!

Lori said...

I hope both surgeries in your family go smoothly! Lots and lots of prayers sent your way!

Mandy said...

Definitely saying a prayer for your mom and that her surgery goes well and she heals quickly. Let me know when Jesse's surgery is. Praying for him (and you!) as well! Loving T25 and my awesome workout partner that I'm doing it with! ;)

Traci said...

I'm so bad at sticking to a budget, especially a grocery budget. I don't know how people stick to $100/week we are closer to $200.

And acne in our 30s is just ridiculous. Sometimes the middle schoolers I teach have better skin than me, how can that be?

Jasam Caldwell said...

Your daughters are so adorable! I have been thinking of buying some new curtains since we just moved to our new place. Where did you buy yours at? I would love to see some pictures! :) I have heard of Suits but I have never watched it. Right now I am watching Once Upon A Time and Game of Thrones.


ajs {of MN} said...

haha, I love the selfie w/ E's puppy!

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