Mother's Day 2014

I'm so, so behind on blog posts but I'm doing my best to catch up. I wanted to be sure and do a little recap of Mother's Day, even if it's mostly pictures.

Emerson made a gift for me at preschool and she was beyond excited and proud to give it to me.

I am in love with and couldn't help but cry when I opened it. You may remember that the theme of E's first birthday was My Little Sunshine so this couldn't be more fitting.

On Mother's Day both of our babies were dedicated at church. I wanted Emerson to look extra cute so  I curled her hair for the first time ever. I thought she looked adorable in the rollers.

It turned out SO stinking cute!! I just couldn't get over it.

Adelyn looked pretty darn cute too!

I completely failed to have anyone take pictures during the dedication but someone did snap this one with their cell phone. It's not the best but at least it's something. When we dedicated the girls we had to choose three words/traits that we wanted to pray for them. We chose courageous, generous, and faithful. I have no doubt that God will grow all of these traits in our precious girls.

After church we went to eat at one of my very favorite restaurants. Everyone was in a good mood so it was actually an enjoyable meal out! (You just never know with two kiddos!) :)

Jesse gave me money for Mother's Day and told me to buy whatever I wanted. He knows me all too well. I ended up getting a new Bible and prayer journal and a couple of shirts. I have been slowly digging into my Bible and I am so excited about it. It includes so many extras that make studying His word and applying it a little bit easier.
I couldn't have asked for a better Mother's Day! I am so blessed to be momma to two beautiful girls!

Paula Lynch said...

Love this post. Sweet babies are growing up so much. You can tell that E is proud of her gift that she made for you.

Marcella{The Life After "Trust Me"} said...

Sounds like a wonderful Mother's Day!!!

Mandy said...

These pictures are soooo precious!!! It looks like you guys had a wonderful Mother's Day!! Adelyn is looking just like a mini Jesse! And E's hair turned out adorable! Love the curls.

Rachel and John said...

Love E's hair! I can't wait to have a little daughter to dress up and do her hair! Looks like you guys had an awesome mother's day.

Amanda said...

So glad you had a great Mother's Day! And I love the Life Application Bible - it gives so much more information on all the verses and it helps me understand them more!

Jessica @ Better Together and Forever said...

Sounds like a wonderful Mother's Day! I love E's face in the first photo, you can tell how proud she is of her gift to you! :)

JessV said...

Beautiful, special pics, love Emerson's curled hair! Her Mothersday art is precious, lucky mama!

Dawn said...

Happy belated Mother's Day Tami! You are so blessed with such sweet girls. Emerson's curls are to die for!!

Sarah said...

What a fantastic mother's day! You have two of the cutest girls ever!

Megan said...

Happy belated Mother's Day! Those curls are just perfect!

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