L Fam Weekly: June 21-27

Our week in a couple of words and LOTS of pictures.

Pool Day

  Followed by movie night

Matchy matchy for church

Beach baptisms (more to come on this!)

cleaning day with the cutest little helper

baby signing time

officially crawling and nothing is slowing her down

best friends


 first beach day since arriving in California

made even better with a stop for an ice cream cone


park time

Another week gone, just like that!
JessV said...

These weeks just fly by, it's scary!
Special piccies of special times.
Adore that piccie of E's big grin with A peeking out from behind her, sooooo cute.


Jessica @ Better Together and Forever said...

Sounds like a great week! I love how A looks at E! She looks like she is so in awe of her big sister. :)

Sarah said...

E looks more and more like you every day! Love the photo of the girls together! Doesn't help my baby fever seeing those sisters!

Natalie C said...

I am so excited to hear more about your baptisms!!
Isnt it just the best seeing these sweet sisters?! It melts my heart every minute of every day with how much my girls are best friends. It is just the sweetest thing!

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