Popping In

It's 5:35 am and a certain little baby girl has kept me up most of the night. I don't know if it's teething or a growth spurt but sleep is just not her friend these days. Not to worry though, I've already downed my first cup of coffee and I'm ready for the day. I used to always use this time to write and I've just been missing it so I thought I'd pop in for a bit. I really believe that writing is good for my soul so I don't know why I don't make this a regular thing anymore.  

Anyway, since it's been a little while let me just give you a little update on the fam.

Adelyn will be SEVEN months old in a few days. Yes, you read that correctly. Seven. How did this happen? She is a doll and has the cutest little personality. It's hard to imagine our family without her.

Emerson...Oh Emerson. She is a spitfire and a little ray of sunshine. Y'all, this kid is just happy about life. I'm sure we could all use a lesson in gratitude from her. She's also busy as can be and keeps me on my toes. I'm crazy about her little wrinkled nose smile. She's the best big sister and absolutely loves her baby sister.

We had Adelyn's 6 month pictures taken last week. Unfortunately poor Adelyn cried every time I put her down. I had these visions of how cute she would look in her bonnet standing next to the wicker chair. She did look cute but she may or may not have some gigantic crocodile tears rolling down her cheeks. We'll see. 

My Thirty-One business is going incredibly well. Do you ever feel like God put something in your life at the exact time that you need it? I have no doubt that that is the case with Thirty-One and me. It has been an amazing outlet for me and I'm kind of obsessed.  It's also been a nice source of income at just the time it's needed. Our house in North Carolina is now vacant so we are paying a mortgage and CA rent. Yikes! Thank goodness for Thirty-One!!

It's been so incredibly hot here. I am so ready for fall. Not that it gets very fall-ish here but it does cool down considerably. Time to start thinking about Halloween costumes. I can't believe I have two precious girls to dress up this year.

I've kinda lost motivation in the workout department. After T25 I just kind of did some random workouts for a few weeks but I wasn't really feeling it. I've also continued my vacation diet and have been indulging a little too much. Anyway, I discovered that I do best when I have set program with a schedule to follow. I decided to start Body Revolution again. I loved it when I did it a few years ago so I figured it was worth a try again. It's only 30 minutes a day so it's definitely doable even when I'm really busy. Now if I could just back on track with eating, I'd be good to go. ;)

I have a MOPS retreat all day on Saturday and I am really looking forward to it. I'm kind of scared for Jesse though. He's never had both kids all day by himself...

Well, I guess I'll stop now even though I could probably "talk" for hours. Remember to follow me on Instagram to keep up with us. I may not be the best at blogging these days but I do post on IG quite often! You can click the picture below to find me.

Emily Powell said...

loved the update!

Jessica @ Better Together and Forever said...

Thanks for the update! I've missed seeing your posts :) I can't believe that Adelyn is going to be 7 months already! Where does the time go??

Megan said...

Great update! That photo of E kissing your cheek is SO cute!

And I've been meaning to ask... did you do either T25 or Body Revolution during your pregnancies? I'm kind of looking for a new workout plan for my pregnancy. I'm still don't really have any restrictions as far as activity goes, so I'm looking for something with a lot of cardio... while I can still get it in. Let me know if you have any suggestions!

ajs {of MN} said...

thank goodness for insta!! ;)

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