L Fam Monthly: September 2016

September was full of LOTS of soccer. Emerson had her first game and loved every second of it. At this point I think she likes the social aspect more than the actual game but as long as she is having fun, we are happy. 

 Adelyn just comes for the snow cones.

Adelyn started preschool and loved every minute!

Jesse took the girls fishing a couple of times and Emerson caught her first fish!

I made a new sign to hang above our kitchen table. I love it so much.

We spent our evenings outside as often as we could.

Emerson got her first case of swimmer's ear. She was in a lot of pain but a quick trip to DQ after the doctor's cheered her right up.

We got in lots of cousin time.

We even squeezed in a date night!!!

Of course this was all while adjusting to Emerson's Kindergarten schedule. It was so weird having her gone all day. Adelyn counted down the hours until her sissy got home and immediately begged her to play the minute she stepped off the bus. Thank goodness for preschool. I think Ads would just be too lonely at home all day.

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