Hi Ho, Hi Ho.....

It's back to work I go! Yep, you read that right. After almost 6 amazing years as a stay at home momma, I'm returning to the work force. It's something that has been on my mind for over a year now and I'm thrilled that it has all worked out even better than I imagined. I don't have an exact start date but it should be in the next two weeks! Eeek!!!
So, I'm sure you're wondering what I'll be doing. I will be working as a Training and Curriculum Specialist for the Children, Youth and Teen program at our local base. My primary role is to ensure that all staff and teachers receive their required annual training as well as any additional training pertinent to their jobs. I get to visit classrooms, observe teachers and children in their daily routines, and plan professional development sessions for the staff. Basically, it's the perfect fit for me! I feel like it gives me an opportunity to make a difference starting with our youngest Marine Corps family members and the amazing staff that care for them. I know for sure that I'll love it because I've done it before. It's the last position I held before we moved overseas. I didn't get to do it very long because we got orders shortly after I was hired but as soon as we left, I prayed that I would one day be able to return. I can't believe that day has finally come!

The best part of all is that my sweet girl will get to come with me. She'll be enrolled in a preschool classroom at the child development center right next door. Knowing that I'll be able to check in on her throughout the day gives me great peace of mind and makes me even more excited. The thing she is most looking forward to is taking a nap at school. We'll see how long that excitement lasts. ;)

Of course one of the things I've worried most about is not being home when Emerson gets home. In an amazing turn of events, Jesse's work schedule has changed and he will be home every day to get Emerson off the bus. That means he can help her with her homework and get dinner started before I even get home.

When making the decision to go back to work I knew that there would be a lot of moving parts that had to be accounted for. It's definitely not a decision that I made lightly and it was only after lots of prayers and discussion with Jesse. I truly felt that it was the right decision for our family and will help us to achieve some of our long term goals.  It's going to be a big adjustment for our family but I feel like so many of the things I have worried about are already failing into place. After a very long (almost 6 months) and competitive hiring process, I feel beyond blessed to have this opportunity. Now it's time to dig out all of my old work clothes that have been hiding at the back of my closet for the last 6 years!  I've got a whole Pinterest board dedicated to cute outfits and I'm seriously considering dedicating a portion of my first paycheck to updating my wardrobe. I mean, it's necessary for work, right? :)
April said...

That's great! Having a job you enjoy and that works out well for your family is a huge blessing! I am so blessed to work from home so I can take my son to school and be here when he gets off the bus. My daughter goes to my Mom's while I work.

Sarah said...

What an amazing job! Sounds like the perfect opportunity!

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