My First Week Back to Work

I mentioned a couple of posts ago that I was officially returning back to work after 6 wonderful years as a stay at home momma. At that time I didn't know when I would start but I got the call with my start date a few days later.
I officially started this past Monday! The first 3 days were filled with training at Human Resources. They were pretty uneventful except for one major thing: Emerson was SO sick. It started out on Monday and by Wednesday we learned that she had the flu. (She is the only one in the family who didn't get a flu shot. I intended to take her but it didn't happen and I feel completely horrible about it!)
As I'm sure you can imagine, having to go to work and leave my sick girl was not easy. I have always been there for her when she isn't feeling well and it broke my  heart not to be there when was the sickest she has ever been. Luckily, Jesse was able to take off and stay home with her.
Adelyn started in her new class (and new school) on Monday as well. She went from a part day Toddler class to a full day Preschool class. That's a huge change and I was honestly worried about how it would go. Of course, she jumped right in like not a thing had changed. The first day I picked her up she told me that she loves her new school and she wants to go there every day. Good thing because she doesn't really have a choice! ;)

I officially started at my worksite on Thursday. Although I have done this job before, a lot has changed in 7 years! Let me just say that I have so, SO much to learn. I can also tell that I will be incredibly busy. The good news is that it is in an area that I am truly passionate about! I feel honored to be serving military children in this way and I know that I have a chance to really make a difference.

As far as the adjustment to this new way of life goes, I think we did pretty well. I feel like we are already getting a routine down and starting to adjust to our new normal. I definitely missed both girls during the day but it made our time together in the evenings that much sweeter. I've been getting in as many snuggles as I can this weekend, too!
We'll see how it goes this week with Emerson back to school and my first full week at my site. Hopefully everyone will stay healthy! :)
Natalie@She Builds Her Home said...

I'm so glad you're back to blogging, Tami! Congrats on your new job! What a fun new adventure for your family!!

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