L Fam Monthly: March 2017

March started off with a fun birthday party down the street. Of course, the girls were just way too tired to walk all the way home after playing so hard. :) 
 Emerson's top teeth became loose.  I knew in this moment that her sweet little smile was about to change forever.
 We had our first neighborhood crawfish boil. I'm not a huge fan of crawfish but we had a blast.

We got our first and only snow of the year.  It didn't stick around long but the girls were ecstatic.

 Adelyn got a haircut. 
 The teeth wiggling was taken to a whole new level but Emerson was terrified to actually pull her tooth. Needless to say, getting it out involved lots and lots of drama.

Adelyn was her same crazy self. :)

 We had lots of mornings where I felt like I was running around like a chicken with my head cut off but we made it through with a smile most days.
The girls had their first sister sleep over in months and it was a success!

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