L Fam Monthly: Jan 2017

January was a big month for us! I found out that I finally got the job that I had interviewed for back in September 2016. I knew that things would be crazy once I started, so I tried to soak in as much time with my girls as I could.

I also finally finished the playroom, including the art gallery wall I had been dreaming about.

Adelyn turned three and we celebrated with an all orange party with our neighbors and friends.

On my first day of work, she transitioned from her Toddler playgroup at one center to a full time preschool classroom at a center closer to me.
Emerson got the flu two days after I started. Luckily, super dad was able to jump in and take care of her!

Jesse re-enslisted for four more years in the Marine Corps and also started back to school finish his Bachelor's in Aviation Management.
January was full of fun and excitement for our little family. It was a great start to the new year!
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