Christmas at Great Wolf Lodge

As I mentioned in my early Christmas post, we decided to surprise the girls with a trip this Christmas. We had heard great things about Great Wolf Lodge and when we saw discounted rates on Groupon we decided to go for it.

 We left early Christmas Eve morning. Santa brought the girls headphones and I loaded the iPads with movies. This was super helpful on the 4 hour drive.

When we arrived, we were so excited to see the Christmas decorations in the lobby. It was beautiful and the perfect setting for Christmas! 
After a seamless check in, we immediately hit up the water park. We didn't take our camera into the water park so I have zero pictures but we absolutely loved it. There were plenty of activities to keep us all busy for several hours. When we got to our room, the girls were so excited to see their bunk beds. 

That night we ventured out of the hotel for quick dinner at On the Border but not before we took a few pictures around the lodge.

When we got back we went to the arcade and a 4D movies. The girls had so much fun.

We spent most of Christmas morning back at the water park. The girls loved the wave pool and Jesse and I were fans of the water slides. Adelyn was too small to ride all of the bigger water slides but there were two in the kid's area that were perfect for her. Emerson rode every slide there. I was pretty proud of her because a few were pretty fast and kind of scary!

We took a break from the water park to eat lunch and go to the character meet and greet.

That afternoon, we played a fun game called Magicquest. It's kind of like a digital treasure hunt. Each girl got her own magic wand and then we were sent on missions to find treasures throughout the hotel. The game was interactive and their wands made pictures talk, treasure chests open, and even found fairies. It was probably their favorite part of the whole trip.

After two days at the lodge, we were ready to head home. I honestly think that was more than enough time to do and see everything there and there's definitely no place like home. 
I am so glad we decided to take this trip. I know it's something the girls will remember forever. I think we may have started a new tradition of taking mini trips for Christmas... at least until we are close enough to be with our families for the holidays. :)

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