Saturday Morning Check-In

Well I'm already off to a terrible start with keeping up with my goal of blogging at least once a week. The intention is definitely there but it just hasn't been happening. I'll keep working on it :) In the meantime, we've had lots going on around here so I thought a little update was in order.

1. We celebrated our big four year old with a unicorn bowling party last Sunday. We ended up having about 20 kids there so it was kind of crazy but she had a great time. Look for a post full of pictures next week. :)

2. We found out a few weeks ago that Jesse has been selected for promotion!! It was a long, nerve wracking wait so we were beyond excited to get the news! Of course, with promotion also comes orders. We should know in the next week or so if we are moving or staying here. The adventurer in me is hoping for something new and exciting but I think we would also be happy staying here. All I can say is the suspense is killing me and I want to know NOW! 

3. I started my third round of the Faster Way to Fat Loss last week. It was prep week, which gives everybody time to ease in and get comfortable with the program before the real start on Monday. The last two times I jumped right in during prep week but I have to be honest and tell you that I'm struggling this time. In the past rounds I got up around 4:30 to get the workouts in but I've hit snooze every day this week. It's so hard to get up when it's cold outside. I'm hoping I'll do better for Week 1! I truly need this to get back to where I want to be. My clothes are fitting too tight and I'm tired and sluggish. I know with proper nutrition and good workouts I'll get back to myself in no time!! 

4. Last weekend I had the privilege of celebrating my sweet friend Amy and her baby girl Saylor. Amy and her husband went through multiple rounds of IVF and now they are finally going to have the sweet baby they have been praying for! The shower was gorgeous and Amy is glowing.

5. Y'all, have I mentioned how crazy I am about these girls? They are just the best. Emerson is rocking first grade and I have seen so much growth in Adelyn these last few months. They are at the age where they are just fun to be around and talk to. What a blessing they are to us!!

6. We're all settled in to our rental and loving it. We decided not to unpack any non-essentials and we haven't hung anything on the walls. If we do get orders we could move again soon so we figured we would wait and see.  Even without all of our decor the house feels very homey. I'm so glad that everything worked out the way it did. 

So, I think that's it for now. Hopefully I'll be back before another month goes by. 

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